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Grit Removal – PISTA® Grit Chamber

CST is the Australian Representative Office for Smith & Loveless.

The prevailing method of grit removal globally is the vortex grit chamber – the PISTA® unit. Smith & Loveless research and development engineers have dramatically improved the original PISTA®Grit Chamber design. This has led to several patents on the design by Smith & Loveless, including a flat bottom in the grit removal chamber, an inlet baffle with a coanda ramp and redesigned rotating propellor, all of which work together to enhance flow conditions.

There are close to 2000 PISTA® Systems installed worldwide and Smith & Loveless is the world leader in this technology.


  • Smith & Loveless PISTA® Grit Chamber offers both 270 degrees and 360 degrees liquid rotation. The in-line 360 degree flow pattern allows for easier head works installation and even greater grit removal efficiency.
  • Smith & Loveless PISTA® Grit Chamber is a flat bottom which offers higher grit removal and simpler civil construction.
  • Headlosses of approximately 6mm across the PISTA® Grit Chamber
  • Other improvements including mechanical fluidiser, special grit pump and concentrator.
  • For more details see the PISTA® System on Uberknit Top Slip High Womens FitFlop Sneaker Nude On Metallic Black wqx15xIX

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